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EarthStraws Sample Box

Hemp Straw Sample Box
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New to the concept? We understand! The EarthStraw is a one of kind experience, has the best performance-price-environmental balance, as these low cost alternatives can last multiple drinks, yet still degrade in a compost in less than a year. Getting a sample case will give you multiple boxes of each offering we currently have, allowing you to share some with your friends and family and really get some positive feedback! Bonus: Once you receive your samples, Share a photo of you using them for 20% of your next order! Email the photos to Info@GreenTekPlanet.com to get your discount code!


8" Standard(Wrapped)

6" Sipper(3.5mm)

5.75" Cocktail(5mm)

8" Sipper (3.5mm)

7.75" Standard(6mm)

10" Jumbo(8mm)

10" Boba (10mm)

Unwrapped 100ct 7.75" Standard Retail Box

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