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A Future Built From Hemp

Commodity prices on the rise, Environmental calamity from climate change, what is the solution? Simply, Hemp.

Circular economies start with low cost, fast growing resources and industrial hemp is just that. Combined with its tremendous caron capture ability, propagating hemp fibers and agricultural byproducts for disposable goods REDUCES CARBON FOOTPRINT and BUILDS A PATH TO A BETTER FUTURE.

Give your friends/customers a reason to come around, and stick around with our Hemp Plastic and Pulped Products–
Utensils, Straws, Containers, Packaging, and More.


Made from renewable plant stalks, starch, and pulped biomass

Custom Packaging

From the Dispensary to the Pharmacy, billions of containers are produced only to be thrown away. GreenTek Has the expertise to develop your Hemp Polymer containers to offer a cost-effective alternative for Child-proof, semi-durables.

Restaurant Supplies

Nestled in between eco-friendly and functional, fully Hemp straws and Hemptensils offer an better option than paper straws coated in PFAs or plastics that will last forever. Guaranteed to breakdown in a compost, not in your mouth.

Secondary Packaging

From Clamshells, to hemp paper boxes Compostable seals and stickers, GreenTek provides the essential accessories for purists and enthusiasts alike looking to build a Plant-Based Planet!

Custom Applications

GreenTek's Design team prides itself on offering custom, bio-based packaging options at best-in-class pricing. Collaboration is our Modus Operandi

Request a Quote/Samples

Would you like more information about our products? Reach out and one of our representatives will provide you with all of the information that you’ll need.

There is more to GreenTek Planet than BioPlastics.


We are committed to sharing our message with the world,
so ​we’ve created some great wearables to spread the word;

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