Fiber Coffee Cup Lid 10oz-24oz Cup 1000/Case


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Plant Fiber Coffee Cup Lid for 10oz-24oz Cup Unbleached, PFAS & PET FREE, Industrial Compostable Standard

1,000 case count.

🌱 Say Hello to Our Plant Fiber Coffee Cup Lid – Perfect for 10oz-24oz Cups! 🍃

Give your morning coffee or afternoon tea the eco-friendly companion it deserves with our Plant Fiber Coffee Cup Lid, fitting snugly on 10oz to 24oz cups. This lid isn’t just any lid; it’s a testament to our commitment to sustainability and quality, echoing the ethos of our Hemp Compostable 20-Ounce Fiber Cup. Made from strong, biodegradable materials, it invites you to bid farewell to plastic and welcome a greener, cleaner drinking experience.

🌿 Eco-Design at Its Best: Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and eco-consciousness. Our Plant Fiber Coffee Cup Lid pairs wonderfully with our hemp fiber cups, celebrated for their sturdiness and minimal impact on Mother Earth. The sustainable growth and low maintenance of hemp underscore our dedication to pollution reduction.

♻️ Effortlessly Biodegradable: Fully commit to an eco-responsible lifestyle with lids that decompose as easily as our cups. Opting for our Plant Fiber Coffee Cup Lids means you’re taking a significant stride in shrinking your ecological footprint, ensuring your choice of drinkware leaves a positive mark on the planet.

🌍 Advocate for the Earth: Each use is a vote for a greener tomorrow. These lids, alongside our cups, champion a healthier environment by utilizing materials that do Earth a favor. Selecting our eco-friendly drinkware and accessories is a clear move towards mitigating climate change.

💸 Friendly on Your Finances and the Earth: Embrace sustainability that doesn’t stretch your budget. Our Plant Fiber Coffee Cup Lids are affordably priced, proving that making eco-minded choices can be both easy on your wallet and beneficial for the planet.

✨ Features You’ll Love: • Fits perfectly on cup sizes ranging from 10oz to 24oz • Crafted with a convenient sip opening for on-the-go enjoyment • Heat-resistant to keep your hands comfortable with hot beverages • Adds an elegant, eco-conscious touch to your daily drink ritual

Combine our Plant Fiber Coffee Cup Lids with our Hemp Compostable Fiber Cups for the ultimate green drinkware setup. Available by the case of 1,000, these lids are unbleached, free from PFAS & PET, and meet strict compostability standards. Elevate your beverage ritual while pushing for a cleaner, sustainable future with every sip. 🌿


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 26 × 50 cm

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Fiber Coffee Cup Lid 10oz-24oz Cup 1000/Case