EarthStraw Cocktail Straws (5mm 5.75″)


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EarthStraws – Cocktail Straw Restaurant Case

Unwrapped Cocktail Plant Based Straws Case

Ditch the Paper – Earth Straws are the best ecofriendly option that allow you to enjoy your drink fully in peace. These ASTM-certified compostable drinking straws outlast paper straws without the undesirable taste, for a better price than our competitors. If you run any type of food and beverage service where function and lifecycle matter, we cannot recommend these reusable Earth Straws enough–you won’t be disappointed!

Ideal for restaurant owners forced to make a switch from traditional plastic straws or those reluctant paper straw users, re-create the demand for Sipping Season and educate people about the benefits of these new eco-friendly alternative for straws! Your guests will thank you for it.

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500ct box, 500ct box, 12-box Case, 3000ct Bulk Value Case

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HSC5 Cocktail Hemp Straws 5mm 5.75-001

EarthStraw Cocktail Straws (5mm 5.75″)